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I would like to tell you my WHY

Sarah Pelley - Founder of Painters Business Academy - Home Revival Interiors

My story is about a group of women who took a chance and stepped out of their comfort zones.

A few years ago an exciting opportunity came up for my group of business buddies, It was an opportunity to go to a business conference in Canada.  As small independents, this was a huge investment,  We didn't know if it would be worth it, or if our businesses could even afford it?  But we decided to take the chance.

We had a fantastic time there, learned a lot, formed useful friendships with people we knew online, but that wasn't the best part. The best part was forming this relationship, this bond that we have...Priceless. It's been the backbone of all the difficult decisions I have had to make, the source of my giggles over coffee in the morning, the understanding of what I'm going through, And an immense comfort to know they have my back. They are my sounding board and my support network. 

I want the same for YOU!

I want YOU to have the same and network with women who 'get' what you do and more importantly why. Sharing the highs and lows and finding the solutions together is where it all begins.

Investing in myself and my business has propelled my business forward, given me opportunities, and taught me to take chances. 

I now have the pleasure of teaching over 300 small businesses how to make the most out of their social media, I have been a guest instruction in Jennifer Allwood's Paint finish of the month Club and had the pleasure of being a speaker at 3 Industry conferences. Have a membership group and I'm the UK distributor for Zibra brushes, and Sandi Hands Sanding Gloves.

All these opportunities came from that one decision .. to invest in myself and my business.

Come join us and find your TRIBE


Sarah and Kate - Founders of Painters Business Academy




I would like to tell you my WHY!

Kate Holt - Founder of Painters Business Academy - Colour Me KT

With over  20 years of running a family business in the London Interiors world, my experiences - good and bad - have taught me a lot about the rights and wrongs of running a small business - I want to share that knowledge with you.

I have always been creative around our homes, and painted and upholstered furniture for us, family and friends.  I wanted to turn this hobby into a business but was put off by some people.  I found my own support network on line and became a Fusion Mineral Paint Stockist - they both gave me all the support and encouragement I needed.  This was really cemented at the conference in Canada where I then believed I really could do this!  

With the support of The House of Up, I have since gone on to have work displayed at Decorex and Grand Designs, and have demonstrated at the Hand Made Fair - next, I will be demonstrating Upcycling at the Ideal Home Show I am also a paid community manager for a few large groups on Facebook - don't let those doubters put you off! 

Our aim is to show you how to represent yourself in a more professional way - share our shortcuts with you - giving you the confidence and skills to do this too.

Are you prepared to invest in your business?  But most importantly are you prepared to invest in yourself?

We want you to leave this conference with your very own TRIBE come and be part of it!

Sarah and Kate - founders painters business academy