We are thrilled to announce that Annie Sloan: Returns to PBA for the second year running! Annie has been a huge support to us and the industry as a whole. We count ourselves lucky to have her join us once again.

Annie Sloan:  Returns to PBA

How Annie Sloan Changed the Landscape of Furniture Flipping and Interior Design

Annie is the OG of the furniture flipping movement, and her innovative product Chalk Paint has changed the landscape. Making furniture refinishing and the ability to change your interiors something everyone can do. Her passion for painting, art and creativity has inspired people around the world to follow their dreams and pursue their artistic passions. She is an example of dreaming big and reaching for the sky.

Annie Sloan big paint weekend

Annie Sloan’s Inspirational Journey: Following Your Dreams and Pursuing Your Passions

In addition to being a pioneer in the industry, Annie has been busy with in-person events, including her famous Big Paint weekends. These events bring together painting royalty and enthusiasts from all over the world to share their knowledge, passion, and creativity.

Annie Sloan:  Returns to PBA

We highly recommend that you come along to PBA and spend quality time with Annie over the weekend. Her presence and expertise are sure to leave you inspired and motivated. Learn to take your own creativity to the next level.

Annie Sloan:  Returns to PBA

At PBA, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Annie firsthand. Hear about her latest projects and collaborations, and share your own ideas and experiences with her. We can’t wait for you to meet her and experience her infectious passion for painting and design.

See what Annie Sloan said about last year’s event!

So come and join us at PBA to meet Annie Sloan, the OG of chalk paint and a true inspiration to us all.

Let’s make this year’s event one to remember! Get your tickets here!

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Co- founder of Painters Business Academy LTD, Digital marketing freelancer, blogger, and painter!