Bringing Unique DIY Paint and Accessories to Baillea’s Interiors

Artistic Painting Studio Sponsors PBA 2023. At Baillea’s Interiors, retail store that celebrates the joy of DIY projects and home transformations, the story began with Leanne Harknet’s personal desire for Dixie Belle paints to enhance her upholstered furniture creations. As fate would have it, Dixie Belle had just made its debut in the UK, and the only way for Leanne to acquire it at a trade price was to become a retailer. Little did she know that this would mark the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of unique and exceptional products for her shop.

Artistic Painting Studio Sponsors PBA 2023

Discovering the Astonishing World of Artist Painting Studios

While continuously expanding her shop’s offerings, Leanne stumbled upon the captivating Weathered Copper foil on social media. Intrigued by its distinctive qualities, she explored the A P S website and was captivated by the vast array of products. However, disappointment set in when she discovered that these marvelous foils were only available in the United States.

Determined to make the foils accessible to the UK market, Leanne became a retailer introducing the foils to her customers. Amazed by their versatility and limitless possibilities, she knew she had stumbled upon something truly special.

Artistic Painting Studio Sponsors PBA 2023

The Exciting Role as the UK Distributor for APS

Jennifer Ferguson, ( special guest at this year’s event ), agreed to entrust her with the role of distributor in the UK. A whole new world opened up as Leanne embraced the challenge of keeping up with APS’s weekly releases of amazing foil designs. Today, Baillea’s Interiors boasts an impressive selection of over 140 foils for customers to explore and unleash their creativity.

Artistic Painting Studio Sponsors PBA 2023

Endless Possibilities and Uncharted Discoveries

With APS foils, the options are limitless. From transforming furniture and glass to fabrics and home decor, these foils bring a touch of magic to any project. Leanne’s customers have discovered the joy of incorporating these unique designs into their creations, be it on walls, ceilings, or crafting workshops. The artistic journey with APS foils is an ongoing adventure, with countless possibilities yet to be explored.

See the foils in action!

Embracing New Retailers and Exciting Opportunities

Leanne’s passion for unique DIY products extends to her desire to collaborate with fellow retailers who share her enthusiasm. She warmly welcomes any inquiries from aspiring retailers who are eager to join her creative community.

Artistic Painting Studio Sponsors PBA 2023

Artistic Painting Studio Sponsors PBA 2023

Painters Business Academy thrilled that Jennifer Ferguson, owner of Artistic Painting Studio, will be joining us as a special guest. With over 30 years of experience in the decorative painting industry, Jennifer is a self-taught artist and a true inspiration. Her collection of over 350 designs encompasses stencils perfect for a wide range of decorative painting projects. While her line of ArtsSyVille Embellishments® introduces captivating elements such as decorative plaster and foil adhesive.

Jennifer Ferguson: Decorative Painting Expert

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