We are thrilled to announce that Roy and John, the owners of Bruach Finishes, will once again be sponsoring and demonstrating their expertise at the upcoming Painters Business Academy (PBA). Formerly known as Euro Finishes, which is the distribution for General Finishes in Europe, Roy and John are expanding their horizons and will soon be opening a store in Edinburgh. After their fantastic performance last year, we couldn’t be more excited to have them back!

Unparalleled Expertise and Assistance from Bruach Finishes

Last year, the guys from Bruach Finishes were an absolute hit! They proved to be not only helpful but also incredibly knowledgeable in their field. From wood refinishing techniques to product recommendations, if you have a question, they have the answers. Attendees at PBA can expect to gain valuable insights and practical tips from these experts.

Bruach Euro Finishes Sponsors PBA

Engaging Demo: Unveiling the Power of Water-Based Dyes and Stains

One of the highlights of last year’s event was the engaging demonstration by Bruach Finishes. They showcased how water-based dyes and stains can work together harmoniously to achieve stunning finishes on various surfaces. Attendees were walked through the benefits of different topcoats, empowering them with the knowledge to select the best products for their projects.

Bruach Euro Finishes Sponsors PBA

The Value of Attending Events and Connecting with Brands

Attending events like the Painters Business Academy presents a golden opportunity to meet and interact with industry brands, such as Bruach Finishes. Connecting with brands in person allows for a deeper understanding of their products, techniques, and industry trends. It also facilitates building relationships and networking with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the craft.

In today’s digital age, face-to-face interactions hold immense value. The ability to ask questions, witness demonstrations, and receive personalized advice directly from industry experts adds a unique and irreplaceable element to the learning experience.

Bruach Euro Finishes Sponsors PBA

As we gear up for another phenomenal edition of PBA, we are grateful to have Bruach Finishes as a sponsor and for their captivating demonstration once again. Their wealth of knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for wood refinishing will undoubtedly inspire attendees and equip them with valuable skills.

Don’t miss this chance to witness their expertise firsthand and engage with industry-leading brands. Reserve your spot at the Painters Business Academy today and prepare for an unforgettable experience that will elevate your painting journey to new heights!

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