Brushed by Brandy: Inspiring Creativity. Brandy is a name that has been taking the furniture painting world by storm in recent years. We believe this for good reason. She is the creative artist behind the brand. Has become a beloved figure in the community thanks to her infectious personality, down-to-earth demeanor, and unparalleled talent.

Brushed by Brandy: Inspiring Creativity

Brandy Kollenborn: A Rising Star

Brandy, she started her painting career in the spare room of her house. A story familiar to many of us in this industry. However, her passion for painting and her dedication to her craft soon caught the attention of art lovers everywhere. Her reputation as a gifted artist quickly began to spread.

Brushed by Brandy: Inspiring Creativity

One of the things that sets Brandy apart from other artists is her ability to connect with people. Her infectious personality and positive attitude have endeared her to her fans and followers, and her willingness to share her expertise and knowledge with others has made her a sought-after teacher and mentor.

Brushed by Brandy: Inspiring Creativity
Brushed by Brandy

We feel lucky to announce that Brandy will be joining us at PBA as a special guest. Her presence at the event last year was a highlight for many attendees. We are confident that this year will be no different.

Those who have had the pleasure of meeting Brandy know that she is a cheerleader. In every sense of the word. She is passionate about her family and her art. She has a way of inspiring and encouraging others to pursue their own creative dreams.

Brushed by Brandy | Brandy Kollenborn

We are honored to have Brandy join us at PBA again, and we know that those who attend the event and have the opportunity to meet her will be inspired by her talent, her positivity, and her unwavering dedication to her craft. If you are a fan of art and creativity, we encourage you to come along and experience the magic of Brush by Brandy for yourself.

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