Thrilled to announce Chloe Kempster Designs as a special guest at Painters Business Academy. Chloe is an acclaimed furniture artist. Chloe has been Annie Sloan’s painter in Residence as well as on the BBC’s Money for Nothing. Her accolades don’t stop there. She has been featured in many magazines and online publications including but not exclusive to. Reclaimed Magazine, The Colourist, The Turquoise Iris Journal, Country Living Magazine and Good Homes Magazine.

Chloe Kempster Designs - Special Guest

Chloe Kempster Instagram Expert

Previously known as Maisies House was established in 2011. Chloe is easily recognised for her free-hand art on her furniture pieces and they are unmistakable.

She has a fine art degree, and its clear when you see her pieces that furniture is just her canvas! Success has come from her unique style. This will be one of the things Chloe will touch upon in her Instagram presentation. Among all the accolades, Chloe has had very good success with her brand on Instagram. She will be sharing the keys to helping you unlock that potential in your business. You will then be able to ‘pick her brain’ about Instagram strategy.

Chloe Kempster Designs - Special Guest

Chloe Kempster Daydream Apothecary Paint line

Chloe has a curated paint line with Daydream Apothecary paints called Botanicals by Chloe Kempster. These colours are Chloe’s favourite to use and the colours she is inspired by in nature. We know they will be a big hit! There are limited stockists in the UK but our very own Kate Colour me KT is a stockist of this brand. It will have it for sale at the event! We are sure you will want to get your hands on some there.

Chloe Kempster Botanical collection - Daydream Apothecary paint.

Chloe Kempster Designs – Special Guest

There are many reasons we hounded Chloe into coming along and sharing her experiences with us. One of those is that she is and has an inspirational story to tell. She is succeeding in her chosen career as a furniture artist and designer. Chloe is a working mum and an all-around just lovely person. Who better to help inspire you to greater heights in your business?

Chloe Kempster Designs - Special Guest

Get ready to ask your Questions as Chloe will be speaking on Sunday 4th September. Chloe will also be on our panel of experts at the Painters Conference. We have just a few full weekend tickets left so grab yours now. Don’t miss out on the only furniture painting conference in the UK.

guest speak Chloe Kempster Instagram Expert

Find Chloe on the web: Chloe Kempster Designs

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