Crys’Dawna – Special Guest is the next special guest we have this year at the PBA conference is the fabulously talented Crys’Dawna. She is the artists and creator behind Bella Renovare by Crys’Dawna. As part of a military family she has moved about a lot but currently resides in Germany with her active duty Airforce husband and their two children.

Crys'Dawna - Special Guest


Crys’Dawna is a colourful and friendly soul and we are so grateful we convinced her to come along to the event and share her many talents! As well as being a successful furniture artist, Crys’Dawna also has a successful YouTube channel and blog.

Crys'Dawna - Special Guest

She is known for her bright colourful textured pieces, and colour is clearly her love language. We also love that she is super handy with the power tools! We love how free and wild her furniture art is and that she encourages her audience to be fearless.

Crys'Dawna - Special Guest at PBA


As well as providing information for you to grow your business at the PBA event, we want to celebrate and share the success stories in our industry. This mostly women lead industry is a thriving growing collective and Crys’Dawna is a wonderful example of having the fulfilling career you are dreaming of.

Crys'Dawna - Special Guest

Talking of dreams! Crys’Dawna has recently announced that she is now part owner of Daydream Apothecary paint line. Talk about working hard to make your dreams come true. You will find out all about that and so much more at the event. So do not miss out. grab your tickets now .

Come along to the event this September 2-4th. Join our Facebook group  and find out the latest news.

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Co- founder of Painters Business Academy LTD, Digital marketing freelancer, blogger, and painter!