Emily Reagan – Digital Marketer has worked with the best in the industry to help scale their businesses. Emily also has a VA agency, where she finds the best VA to help you in your business, from simple tasks like helping on Pinterest and admin to a full marketing strategy. She will find the right ‘Unicorn’ VA for you!

Emily Reagan - Digital Marketer

Unicorn virtual assistance

Emily trains and coaches virtual assistants in her Unicorn digital marketing school. Freelancers from different backgrounds and industries offer a wide variety of services to small, medium and big businesses all over the world. Digital marketing and virtual assistants who can help with social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and blogging, website updates, podcast management, graphic design, affiliate marketing, and general administrative tasks. Everything the growing business needs in the digital age we all find ourselves in.

Emily Reagan - Digital Marketer

How to grow your creative business

Every online business owner who comes my way is searching for a dream teammate who can fill as many hats as possible.⁠ Solopreneurs need a jill-of-all-trades for that first hire when they’re getting things going.⁠
⁠They just need it taken care of… off their plate and finished.⁠
⁠They need help with a mix of work with online marketing, admin and client experience.⁠
⁠They need an implementer.

⁠A hybrid.

Not just a VA.

A unicorn.

Emily Reagan

Does your small business need a virtual assistant?

YES YES YES! Our personal opinion is absolutely! Once your business starts moving along nicely you get to a stage where you actually can’t afford to NOT have one. The main reason is as a small business owner you are doing all the things! Marketing, staging, photography, social media, Pinterest, Blogging, finding stock, retail … I could go on but I know you all already know this.

What successful business owners are doing

The next question I can hear you shouting is ‘I don’t have the budget’. Kate and I can tell you from experience it comes a time when you just can’t grow without help. The demands as your business grows, get bigger and bigger! This is the time to off-load those not so loved duties to someone else so you can spend time doing the things that actually make money inside your business. Maybe you just hate writing the weekly newsletter? or need help with Pinterest. Maybe blogging isn’t your strong suit but you know you need it for great SEO? Any and all of these tasks can be taken on by a VA.

Emily Reagan – Digital Marketer

Kate and I know you are going to love meeting our speaker Emily and we can’t wait to see your business grow from all the knowledge you learn and the help we have signposted for you at this year’s event. It’s all so exciting! Emily will be live streaming into the Painters Business Academy conference.

Emily reagan - digital Marketer

Find Emily on the web: EmilyReaganPR.com

Emily Reagan - Digital Marketer

Co- founder of Painters Business Academy LTD, Digital marketing freelancer, blogger, and painter!