Milk Paint by Fusion


30 years in the making

The History of Homestead House – Established originally as a reproduction furniture company using solely Milk Paint to achieve the authentic, historically accurate look, right down to the colours! We’ve refined our recipe over the years making it easier than ever to work with. In the 90’s HH developed Oil Paints, then later on, 100% Acrylic for inside and out of your home as well as DIY craft and paint projects. HH expanded across North America. Now going full circle and re-launching Milk Paint, giving it a whole new look and feel.  


Versatility at its finest

This paint by far is the most unique and versatile paint out there. You can get any look you want from it, it’s all about how you apply it and finish it. You can get that super smooth MCM sleek finish, or a rustic aged weathered and distressed look, but the one thing that is incredible about this paint is that there are zero brush strokes. It’s perfect for the beginner. 

Choose your own adventure

Milk Paint is just like choosing your own adventure. Depending on the look that you’re going for, you’ll mix it a bit differently, you’ll prep a little differently, you’ll apply it how you prefer, distress if you wish, or don’t, and you’ll top coat it to your desire. It’s completely customizable.