Mint by Michelle

Mint by Michelle is our next sponsor to be announced and we are thrilled. Mint by Michelle is based out of Australia and we had an interesting chat with Michelle about the origins of her company which started in her garage in 2016 here on a Facebook live.


Michelle’s first product she brought out was a one of a kind! Decoupage papers with sizes for furniture. Michelle recognised there weren’t furniture (larger size) decoupage papers on the market and fully capitalised on the gap. As she was already getting these printed for her own personal work the leap didn’t seem too large to jump into manufacturing for the whole furniture painting industry.

Michelle’s collection of Decoupage papers is unique and different and she prides herself on not being influenced by the latest trends and keeping to the type of images she loves herself. This in turn results in a stunning collection of eclectic decoupage papers.

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Michelle hasn’t stopped there! Mint by Michelle has brought out their own paint line. Mint Mineral Paint has recently been launched and we are hoping we get a chance to try it at the event! The colour range is just fabulous and a brush range too! As an acrylic based paint, with a built-in topcoat, it doesn’t require any preparation and is also self-levelling, so it’s very easy to use and ensures a great result. The Mint by Michelle Mineral Paint is a premium mineral paint created specifically for painting and restoring furniture. Together with decoupage papers, transfers and stencils Mint has you covered for all of your upcycling needs.

We can’t wait for you to try Mint by Michelle products at the event this September.

See our video chat with Michelle here.

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Mint by Michelle

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