PBA Virtual Guest speaker: Wendy Batten. At Painters Business Academy (PBA), our mission is to empower and uplift the creative community by providing invaluable insights, connections, and resources. We’re excited to present Wendy Batten, an extraordinary business coach, as our distinguished virtual guest for this year’s event!

PBA Virtual Guest speaker: Wendy Batten

Who is Wendy Batten?

With over 20 years of hands-on business experience, Wendy Batten has an impressive journey that spans from owning a successful brick-and-mortar store to becoming a dedicated business coach. She’s the guiding light for hundreds of creative shop owners worldwide, offering guidance, support, and mentorship to help them flourish.

PBA Virtual Guest speaker: Wendy Batten

Wendy’s unique background includes co-owning multiple businesses, including a coffee shop and a service business. All of which provides her with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs. She now lives by the sea in a cottage with her photographer husband Jon Batten.

Wendy and John Batten

A Trailblazer and Catalyst for Success

Wendy Batten has carved a remarkable path in the business world, leaving her mark as a coach, consultant, and mentor. Her commitment to fostering thriving communities and her passion for supporting retailers shines through in everything she does.

Wendy Batten speaking on stage with Stu McLaren

Wendy centers her approach on collaboration and community, firmly holding the belief that “together is better.” Through her network she embraces the importance of building tribes and nurturing connections. A core component involves creating a supportive ecosystem where we hear and value every voice.

PBA Virtual Guest speaker: Wendy Batten

A Journey of Transformation

Wendy’s journey has been one of evolution and growth. She understands the challenges of running a creative business intimately, having faced burnout and the need for transformation herself. Through dedicated efforts and a commitment to ongoing learning, Wendy not only revitalized her own business but also extended her expertise to assist others in achieving similar success.

Wendy Batten coined the term Paintpreneur

Her profound impact resonates through her various roles – including her business podcast. She often speaks at conferences, is a mentor and coach for shop owners. Wendy also is the host of transformative retreats. Coaching and empowering others to achieve their dreams is an inspiration.

Wendy Batten Podcast

Wendy Batten at PBA 2023

We are beyond excited to have Wendy Batten join us as a virtual guest at Painters Business Academy 2023. Undoubtedly, her insights, wisdom, and experience are poised to significantly enhance your PBA journey. Wendy will provide you with invaluable guidance and a renewed perspective on navigating the creative business landscape.

PBA Virtual Guest speaker: Wendy Batten

Wendy’s experience in the paint Industry

We thought you might find it intriguing that there are a couple of things about Wendy that you may not know. You see, she has worn the hat of a former regional trainer for a paint company and also took on the role of a retailer care manager for Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. Beyond that, she has lent her insights as a consultant to numerous other brands in the creative industry. And, just to add a bit more colour to the canvas, Wendy also pens a business column for What Women Create magazine.

Prepare to find inspiration, motivation, and the tools you need to elevate your creative business to new heights through Wendy’s exceptional expertise. PBA Virtual Guest speaker: Wendy Batten.

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