Polyonlay sponsors PBA

Celebrating 3 Years of Sponsorship and Exciting Innovations

Polyonlay is back for the third year in a row as a proud sponsor of the upcoming Painters Business Academy (PBA) event! Join us in congratulating Richard and Alexa, the masterminds behind Polyonlay, who recently tied the knot in a beautiful celebration of their love and partnership. 🎉💍

Rich & Alexa tie the knot!

Growing Together: From Painters to Laser Innovators

Polyonlay sponsors PBA

Richard and Alexa had dedicated themselves to their craft and the art of furniture painting. What started as a passion for furniture painting and supplying high-quality paints has now evolved into a thriving B2B business. Polyonlay offers a range of laser-cut solutions, including custom-designed logo tags, keyrings, promotional merchandise, and even paintbrush holders. Elevate your creations with their exquisite laser-cut logo tags for furniture, leaving a lasting impression on every piece you design. 🪑🔥

Polyonlay sponsors PBA

Custom Design Excellence: Unleash Your Creativity

Polyonlay sponsors PBA

Polyonlay takes custom design to the next level with its impressive array of inlays and onlays. Let your imagination soar as you explore their extensive catalogue, brimming with customizable options that empower you to create truly unique and personalized pieces. Their attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship are second to none. Discover the limitless possibilities of designing and transforming your furniture with Polyonlay. ✨🎨

Polyonlay sponsors at PBA 2021 /2022 & 2023

Long-standing Supporters and Industry Insight

Throughout the journey of creating the Furniture Business Conference, Richard and Alexa have been our most steadfast supporters. Their deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of small businesses in the furniture refinishing industry has driven their commitment to providing top-notch laser-cut solutions. From personalized branding tags to the beloved donut stand that stole the show last year, their creativity knows no bounds. With Polyonlay, you can expect nothing but excellence and innovation. 🙌❤️

@PBA 2022

Join us at the upcoming PBA event and witness the unveiling of Polyonlay’s latest designs. We are immensely proud to have Richard and Alexa on board as sponsors for the third consecutive year. Get ready to be inspired, connect with industry leaders, and elevate your craft with the support of Polyonlay. We can’t wait to see you there! ✨🎉

Polyonlay sponsors PBA

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we count down to the highly anticipated Painters Business Academy event.

Get tickets and to explore the remarkable creations by Polyonlay.

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