Cait Whitson, the founder of Whitson’s has been involved in the decorative arts since 1985 and started her first decorative painting business in 1986. Working in an area of the painting and decorating world that involves pushing paints to their limits and where a really good understanding of paint chemistry is an absolute necessity, Cait developed broad expertise in traditional and modern paint finishes. Not one to keep things to herself she started teaching and has continued to share her knowledge extensively both here in the UK and in the USA. 


Her company built a remarkable reputation as a continuing source of expertise for other specialists and generalists in the decorative finishes market, providing training, courses, blog guidance, technical advice, and highly specialised and high-end paints and paint finishes. She and Gibson her husband have acted as stockists, wholesalers, and distributors of paint and paint products for a number of companies.


 Cait has been creating beautifully decorated surfaces for over 30 years. Using traditional and contemporary materials and techniques her work is always of the very highest standard. She originally trained in London at Leonard Pardon’s School for Specialist Decoration and then at Bill Holgate’s. As a professional she continues her education to enhance and refine her techniques, attending workshops with Christian Martincourt, Patrick Laheyne and Gert-Jan Nijsse. We can’t wait to welcome her as a PBA sponsor.