Proudly presenting special guest speaker – Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan guest speaker

Annie Sloan guest speaker and sponsor of PBA. We are confident Annie Sloan needs no introduction. The invention of Chalk Paint was the catalyst for kick-starting an entire industry. We are beyond thrilled that Annie Sloan herself will be our special guest on Friday 2nd September at Painters Business Academy. You’ll get your chance not just to meet this inspiring woman as she greets you when you arrive! yes really! but also take advantage of watching Annie using her Chalk Paint™  for a demonstration within the main hall 3.30-5.30 pm. We are thrilled to tell you Annie has graciously agreed to stay for drinks in the vinery and have a chance to mingle and chat with you all!

Annie Sloan guest speaker

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™

Annie Sloan is one of the world’s leading authorities on paint, colour, and style. In 1990, she invented Chalk Paint™. A revolutionary furniture paint that has been used by millions of people around the world. Since then, Annie has continued to refine and improve her formula, making it better than ever. Annie’s passion for colour and design is evident in her work. She is constantly innovating new ways to help people achieve the perfect hand-painted look for their homes. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Annie Sloan is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to create beautiful, stylish, hand painted furniture. Thanks to Annie’s innovative spirit, Chalk Paint™ will continue to be a favourite among DIYers and professional painters alike.

Annie Sloan guest speaker

Annie Sloan is the inventor of Chalk Paint™, and the paint has truly revolutionised the world of painting. Annie’s motivation for inventing the paint was her need for a paint that could be used to achieve decorative effects. Annie was a working mother to three boys, so she needed a paint that would be quick and easy to use. Chalk Paint™ satisfies that brief perfectly. It can be applied to wood, glass, metal, brick and even laminate. The other benefit was if left to dry, it could be waxed within one day. This has helped Annie’s Chalk Paint business grow exponentially, making painting and decorating your home accessible to all. Annie is truly an inspiration to us all!

Demonstration by Annie Sloan

Chalk Paint is a household name in the world of furniture painting. Her invention, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ has been responsible for kick-starting an entire industry. We are beyond thrilled that she will be coming to Painters Business Academy on Friday 2nd September as a very special guest. Kate and I would like to extend our thanks to Annie Sloan for squeezing us into her very busy schedule.

Annie Sloan guest speaker

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Annie Sloan sponsors Painters Business Academy

We are also pleased to announce that Annie Sloan is also a sponsor of PBA and will be with us for the entire weekend! Our attendees will be please to know that they can get advice and even purchase ASCP at the event.

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Annie Sloan guest speaker

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