Meagan Williamson Pinterest Expert, Pinterest Marketing Strategist and Consultant. With over 10 years of experience blogging and as an OG Pinner, Meagan understands the ins and outs of Pinterest Marketing across markets and industries. She helps overwhelmed and confused business owners learn how to master their own Pinterest marketing with confidence and ease so they can level up and create a constant funnel of leads, sales and website traffic. Check out Meagan’s Pinterest account here

Meagan Williamson Pinterest Marketing Expert

With over 5 years of experience running Pinterest marketing efforts for a variety of businesses and corporate brands, I have seen what works. She brings a deeper understanding of the Pinner’s mindset to her clients and students. Certified NLP Practitioner as well as a Life and Success Coach. Founder of Pin Potential, a dynamic Pinterest course supported by community and coaching.

Pin Potential

Kate and I are both members of Meagan membership group for Pinterest marketing and Kate has seen great success with it. I have used in it my capacity of being a social media manager and it has served me well. With the ever-changing landscape of all social media platforms, Pinterest is no different, but with the newest update or workaround, Meagan is already on the ball. It has been invaluable to both my and Kates’s business.

Meagan Williamson Guest Speaker

Meagan was a guest speaker at last year’s event and the feedback we had about her workshop was fantastic! We have had quite a few attendees from last year really take Pinterest seriously for their business and have seen great results! Meagan really drives home the importance that Pinterest can play in your business. For example, did you know that the life span of a post on social media platforms are so very different and quite honestly shocking and makes you think about where you should be spending your time on social. Check this out.

  • The lifespan of a Facebook post is approx – 5hrs
  • The lifespan of an Instagram post is approx – 48hrs
  • The lifespan of a YouTube video is approx – 30days
  • The lifespan of a TikTok video is approx – Few minutes
  • The lifespan of a Pinterest Pin is approx – 6 months – 16 months!

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Meagan Williamson Pinterest Expert

Co- founder of Painters Business Academy LTD, Digital marketing freelancer, blogger, and painter!