Emilia Farrace Website SEO expert is a web designer, WordPress strategist and educator. Emilia has been running her company for over 10 years and is experienced in web development and launching, Emilia is our go-to for all things websites and SEO. Her company Launch-It Co is responsible for launching hundreds of brands and small business websites and whether you have one or need one, this strategy session is a must-attend for anyone stumped on how to create an online presence that sells.

Emilia Farrace Website SEO expert

Maintaining your online presence the best way

We all know that your website is the only real estate you own on the web! Having your own website gives you full control over your content and your audience, but is just having a website enough? Emilia will cover that in her workshop. Having your own piece of the internet gives you the power to grow without being held back by the algorithms. We all know that pain! As a website SEO expert Emilia will help us understand the benefits.

  • Why knowing who your target audience is the most important thing to making money with your website
  • How to craft content for your website that CONVERTS so you can effortlessly drive heaps of visitors to your checkout page
  • How to use a strategy to increase your product sales, consults or any services you’re offering from your business.
  • Blogging and why it is important for your small business.
Emilia Farrace Website SEO expert

Guest speaker at PBA

Starting fresh or just refreshing your website, our special guest speaker Emilia will give you tips and point you in the right direction. Turning your website visitors into customers is the aim and that is Emilia’s speciality. Check out our brand new website that Emilia created for us and has indeed increased our sales! So grab your tickets and we will see you there.

Emilia Farrace Website SEO expert

visit Emilia at Launch it Co on the web www.launchiitco.com

Emilia Farrace Website SEO expert

Co- founder of Painters Business Academy LTD, Digital marketing freelancer, blogger, and painter!