Annie Sloan: Returns to PBA

We are thrilled to announce that Annie Sloan: Returns to PBA for the second year running! Annie has been a huge support to us and the industry as a whole. We count ourselves lucky to have her join us once again. How Annie Sloan Changed the Landscape of Furniture Flipping and Interior Design Annie is the OG of the furniture […]


Meagan Williamson Pinterest Expert

Meagan Williamson Pinterest Expert, Pinterest Marketing Strategist and Consultant. With over 10 years of experience blogging and as an OG Pinner, Meagan understands the ins and outs of Pinterest Marketing across markets and industries. She helps overwhelmed and confused business owners learn how to master their own Pinterest marketing with confidence and ease so they can level up and create […]


Brushed by Brandy – Special guest at PBA

Brushed by Brandy – Special guest at PBA. Brandy Kollenborn is the artist and owner behind Brushed by brandy. Situated in Sacramento California with her husband Sean and their 3 boys. Brandy started her painting journey in her garage as so many of us do! and has built a successful business doing what she loves. FURNITURE PAINTING ARTIST Brandy’s style […]